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Calvin and Hobbes Icontest!

Making C&H Icons for the Masses

Calvin and Hobbes Icontest
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If you like to make icons, or to vote for icons-join here! This is a Calvin and Hobbes icon community! New challenges every other week, new themes every time. Banners made by: et13 :-)

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[x] must meet LJ standards: 100x100, 40kb or smaller
[x] submit icon and URL
[x] must be made for challenge specifically
[x] must not be advertised until after winners are announced
[x] must be submited to a specific post only, comments will be screened
[x] due within two weeks
[x] may submit up to three icons

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[x] Vote for 3 icons in a comment to a specific entry only. No more, no less. All comments are screened.
[x] No voting for yourself or gettting friends to vote for you.

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1) Calvin and Susie
2) Water
3) Hobbes
4) Dinosaurs
5) Calvin's Alter Egos
6) Internet Axioms
7) Calvinball
8) Specific Strip Challenge
9) Inventions
11) Color Me...
12) S for Stupendous!
13) Hobbes the Fierce Jungle Cat
14) Susie
15) Lyrical Challenge
16) Bathtime
17) Fall/Autumn/Halloween Seasonal!
18) Everybody Loves Calvin and Hobbes!
19) Schoolday Blues
20) Snow Art
21) Football/Superbowl
22) Lyrical Challenge!
23) Wagon Philosophy
24) Internet Axiom Two
25) Monsters Under the Bed!
27) Mom Challenge
28) Dad Challenge
29) G.R.O.S.S.
30) Miss Wormwood!
31) Specific Strip Challenge
32) Spaceman Spiff!
33) Calvin and Hobbes is SUPERBAD.
35) Texture Challenge
36) A Calvin and Hobbes Christmas!
37) Dinosaur Discovery!
38) Calvin and Hobbes at the movies (Going on now!)

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Calvin and Hobbes Theme Subjects
Wikipedia on Calvin and Hobbes
Cool Calvin Collection
Calvin and Hobbes Seach Database
Our Memories

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